April 16th, 2009
In a recent edition of ATV channel’s “El Ichinde” program the situation of private clinics and the level of their services offered to the citizens was discussed. The author of the program Elchin Alibeyli conducted an experiment before the program to identify the level of analysis. E. Alibeyli told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety that the “El Ichinde” program staff mixed regular water with yellow substance and submitted it to five private medical institutions for urine test.

 “Tusi” Clinic was also among them. According to Alibeyli, “Tusi” Clinic accepted the regular water as urine and gave a certificate stating that they found several illnesses in the urine.
IRFS contacted “Tusi” Clinic’s Public Relations Department Coordinator Konul Babayeva. Babayeva stated that “Tusi” Clinic was accused wrongly in the program and the program did not invite anyone from the clinic and thus demonstrated a one-sided position. Noting that they investigated the case, Babayeva said that they tested the substance once again and found out that it was in fact urine.
According K. Babayeva, “Tusi” Clinic is equipped with modern technology and both urine and blood tests are conducted through analyzers. Noting that analyzers never make such mistakes, K. Babayeva added that this incident was damaging to the business image of the clinic.
“We are sure we are right,” said Babayeva. “At present the leadership of the clinic is conducting an investigation and documents are being prepared. If a refutation is not made on TV, the case will be solved through law.”
Elchin Alibeyli said that everything – how the substance was prepared and taken and submitted to the clinic – has been recorded. “The result is not wrong and we are not going to state a refutation,” added Alibeyli.