The appeal of “Azadliq” Newspaper Ganja Region correspondent Ershad Ibrahimov, who was arrested on 17 April, was considered today and the decision of Ganja City’s Nizami District Court has been annulled. The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told by the journalist’s lawyer Alayif Hasanov that Ibrahimov was released in the court hall.

Ershad Ibrahimov told IRFS that he was arrested due to his article “Eldar Azizov destroys greeneries in Ganja.” According to the journalist, he was arrested by the Nizami District Police Department at the order of Ganja City Executive Administration Head Eldar Azizov after the article was published.
E. Ibrahimov added that a rash has broken out on his body and he was subjected to psychological pressure while he was held in the investigation department.
On April 17, “Azadliq” Newspaper Ganja Region correspondent Ershad Ibrahimov was detained by employees from the operations/investigative department of Ganja City’s Kepez District Police Department and was taken to the police department. A case was instituted against him on the basis of Article 310 of the Republic of Azerbaijan’s Administrative Code (intentionally not obeying police and/or soldiers). On the same day, Ganja city Nizami District Court Judge Zaki Babayev reviewed the case, found Ibrahimov guilty and sentenced the journalist to 10 days of imprisonment
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