April 10th, 2008

“Azadlig” Newspaper’s staff has released a statement claiming that it will no longer participate in investigative actions related to the 22 February beating of “Azadlig” correspondent Agil Khalil in “Zeytun Baglari,” and the 13 March stabbing of Khalil in front of the Appellate Court.

In the statement, it is written that the investigation conducted by the Chief Prosecutor’s Office’s Department to Investigate Grave Crimes into the beating and stabbing of Khalil is biased; instead of finding who is to blame and holding them responsible, they have conducted a smear campaign against the victim and the entire editorial office in an attempt to the blackmail them. And, also taking into consideration A. Khalil’s protest letter against the composition of the investigation sent to the Chief Prosecutor and the fact that Khalil’s lawyer has filed a lawsuit against the investigation, Azadlig newspaper refuses to participate in any further investigative actions.