May 24th, 2011
On 24 May, Azadlig newspaper employee Ramin Deco testified in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Deco reported to IRFS today.

According to Deco, in a letter to the Interior Minister Ramil Usubov, European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights Head Heidi Hautala earlier requested an investigation into the cases of several journalists and asked that the results be publicized for society. “My abduction and beating was one of these cases. That’s why I was summoned to Interior Ministry,” Deco said and added that general inspector colonel-lieutenant Hikman Babayev took a statement of explanation from him at Interior Ministry Internal Investigations Office.
 “I narrated the incident. I wrote in the statement about my abduction on 3 April, and my being beaten on 4 April. Then I was taken to Deputy Chief of Internal Investigation Department, colonel-lieutenant Aziz Hidayev.  We talked and I repeated the story that happened to me. I was told that an objective and comprehensive investigation will be held on the case,” added Ramin Deco.
Azadlig report employee Ramin Deco was abducted on April 3 and he was physically assaulted by unknown persons a day later.  
Azadlig newspaper is a daily newspaper and it has been publishing since 24 December, 1989.