Azadliq newspaper applies to court to pay off the fine by installments


Azadliq newspaper has appealed to Yasamal district court seeking permission to pay the court-imposed 65,000 AZN defamation fine in installments, the newspaper’s deputy editor Rahim Hajiyev told IRFS today.

“We are experiencing severe financial difficulties. We just cannot afford to pay such a large sum in full. Azerbaijani laws provide for the payment of the fine by installments. We are still indebted to the printing house and they unofficially request us to pay it. Last week we paid 14,000 AZN of the debt thanks to voluntary donations. But we still owe them 12,000 AZN,” Hajiyev noted.

Hajiyev said the solution of their problems depends on political will. But, unfortunately, no steps are taken to remedy the situation.

Background: Following defamation lawsuits brought by Baku Metro head Tagi Ahmadov and businesswoman Kabira Mammadova Azadliq was sentenced to pay a fine of 65,000 AZN in total. The state-run press distributor Gasid fails to pay a huge amount of money that it owes to Azadliq for the sold copies, which further worsens the situation. The newspaper’s bank accounts have been recently suspended in connection with the execution of a court order to pay the fine and all incomes from the sale are entirely deducted.

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