The fees for rooms rented by newspapers at “Azerbaijan” Publishing House have been increased.

Newspaper editors told this to “Olaylar” Information Agency. According to the reports, publishing house leadership gave no explanation for this. Besides, print expenses of these newspapers have also increased. Rental fee and print expenses rose by 25% in total.

“Baki Khabar” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Aydin Guliyev confirmed the price raise while talking to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety. “The prices of paper and print materials, and rental fees have significantly increased. Therefore we are looking for alternative ways to keep prices low as much as possible to publish our newspaper,” Guliyev said.

“Azadlig” Newspaper director Azer Ahmadov also confirmed the price increase, but talked only about an increase in communal expenses.

According to “Olaylar”, editors have officially appealed to “Azerbaijan” Publishing House director and the Press Council chairman regarding this issue. Press Council Chairman Aflatun Amashov stated that an research is being conducted concerning this problem and he will arrange a meeting between media leaders and “Azerbaijan” Publishing House director Agabay Asgarov.

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