Azerbaijani court issues one more decision associated with Facebook

On March 12, court proceeding in civil lawsuit filed by TV journalist Ilham Mirzayev against the Facebook social network, Baku resident Lyudmila Aliyeva and newspapers Yeni Musavat and Azadliq has been completed. Narimanov district court of Baku partially granted the lawsuit, ruling against the defendants. The lawyer of the defendants, Khalid Agaliyev of the Media Rights Institute informed about this today, on March 13.       


According to the Court’s decision, the two newspapers have to make an apology to the journalist for publishing the interview of the mother of Asif Aliyev, Baku resident detained in 2013 based on Ilham Mirzayev’s complaint, and refute the views expressed in the interview. As for defendant Lyudmila Aliyeva, she has to pay 2,000 AZN to the plaintiff. social networking site, in turn, must close down the page Ilham Mirzeyevin Yalanlari (Ilham Mirzayev’s Lies).      



Khalid Agaliyev said an appeal will be made against the court’s decision.  



Note that Lyudmila Aliyeva’s son is charged with inflicting and threatening to inflict bodily harm and hooliganism based on Ilham Mirzayev’s complaint.



Ilham Mirzayev had sued Lyudmila Aliyeva and Facebook social network over the Facebook page named Ilham Mirzeyevin Yalanlari, and the newspapers Yeni Musavat and Azadliq for publishing Aliyeva’s interview. He alleged that his honor and dignity was insulted by the said Facebook page and the interview, and required that the court orders the newspapers to provide apology and refutation, Lyudmila Aliyeva to pay a fine of 160,000 AZN and Facebook social network to close down Ilham Mirzeyevin Yalanlari page.


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