December 21st, 2011
Three years after the original verdict, Yasamal District Court is executing its ruling on the confiscation of property belonging to the late Tolishi Sado newspaper editor-in-chief, Novruzali Mammadov. 

Ramiz Mammadov, the family’s lawyer spoke with IRFS today.
According to the lawyer, one week ago the family received a court order to hand over the listed items. The lawyer says that the family had already invited court officials to come and removed the items in question, but they received no response.
“We received a warning from Yasamal District Court that 1 computer table, 5 chairs, 1 Iranian carpet, 1 TV set, and 1 photo camera amounting to a total value of 600 AZN should be handed over to the state in line with the 2008 verdict issued by the Grave Crimes Court, or else a search warrant would be issued to Novruzali Mammadov`s widow. After this warning, Mammadov`s widow, Maryam Mammadova, who is currently receiving medical treatment in Moscow, wanted us to hand over the equipment. The enumerated things have been handed over as far as possible, but we were unable to locate the table, chair, TV set and camera,” said the lawyer.
In 2007, in a closed hearing, Mammadov was sentenced to ten years in jail and charged with high treason.  Mammadov, a ethnic Talysh, believed that he was jailed with because of his work on ethnic-political issues and freedom of expression.
The 68 year old editor-in-chief died in the Justice Ministry Penitentiary Services Central Hospital in 2009. Governmental agencies said that his death was due to illness; however, the Defense Committee for Novruzali Mammadov`s rights and members of his family said that the editor-in-chief died as a result of medical negligence.