April 14th, 2009
Yesterday, 13 April, all editions of “Bizim Yol” Newspaper were allegedly confiscated from sales kiosks in Masalli. The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told this by “Bizim Yol” Newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief Baheddin Haziyev.

According to Haziyev, the newspapers were confiscated because of the article “Apartments built for invalids are being sold for money,” which published in yesterday’s edition of “Bizim Yol” Newspaper. B. Haziyev believes the newspapers were confiscated at the order of the Masalli Region Executive Administration.
IRFS contacted Masalli Region Executive Administration Public Relations Department Head Seyfaddin Aliyev about this issue. S. Aliyev denied the reports about the confiscation of “Bizim Yol” Newspaper from kiosks.
According to S. Aliyev, a number of newspapers are brought to Masalli by “Azermetbuat yayimi” and “Gaya” press distribution companies, but “Bizim Yol” Newspaper are always brought to Masalli in very limited quantities. “This causes the impression that the newspaper is removed from sale kiosks,” added Aliyev.
Masalli region “Azermetbuat yayimi” Press Department Chief Abulfaz Nuriyev told IRFS that “Azermetbuat yayimi” is engaged in the distribution of the newspapers only and has no right to interfere with the sale of any newspaper.

“This is against the law,” said Nuriyev. “Yesterday and today’s editions of ’Bizim yol’ Newspaper are on sale as usual.”