February 14th, 2011
On Saturday, Bizim yol reporter Ramid Ibrahimov was assaulted by unknown men in civilian clothing, while he was preparing a report on the protest in front of the President’s Office. He held a press conference at IRFS today to speak about the incident.

Other journalists reported that Ibrahimov was physically attacked by the Special State Guard Service while taking photos of the citizen against the Muray Limited Liability Company. According to the others, a high ranking guard grabbed Ibrahimov phone and press ID card, and then kicked him. The journalist says that the same officer had also beaten a women. Ibrahimov said that he had reported the incident to police and undergone a medical examination. He will do everything possible to bring the officer in question to criminal justice.
The editor-in-chief of Bizim yol (which translates as “Our way”) claimed that journalists at his newspaper are victims of verbal threats on an almost daily basis. He added that Ibrahimov had also been beaten up a few weeks earlier, while he was reporting about the demolition of houses in Fuzuli street. The editor condemned the harrasment of journalists and said that the paper will be making a court appeal.