July 28th, 2011
Today, Supreme Court heard the cassation appeal filed by Agakerim Kerimov, a teacher at music school # 3 named after Jovdat Hajiyev in Sabail district, against the decision of Appeals court on the lawsuit filed by the director of the school Mehin Orujova against him. The Judge Gahraman Allahverdiyev presided over the hearing. 

Plaintiff’s lawyer Ulvi Ismayilov, defendant Agakarim Karimov and his lawyer Gabil Dadashov were in attendance.
The court started with the speeches of the defendant and his lawyer. Both of them said that lawsuit launched against them was ungrounded and requested the court not to fulfill the appeal.
Then, Plaintiff’s lawyer Ulvi Ismayilov said that lawsuit is absolutely grounded and he requested the court to n grant the lawsuit.
After a short deliberation, Judge Gahraman Allahverdiyev issued a decision not to fulfill the cassation appeal.
The lawsuit stemed from the articles “Music School Became Corruption Source” and “Director Tries to Prove his Innocence” which were written for Gundelik Azerbaijan newspaper on its 26 February and 10 March editions in 2006 by Agakarim Karimov.   Director of music school M.Orujova said that the claims published in the articles insulted his honor and dignity. He appealed to Nasimi District Court.  Nasimi District Court issued a judgment on 1 April 2010 in favor of M.Orujov. Appeals Court did not grant the appeal on July 22, 2010.