April 7th, 2011
On 7 April, Misir Abilov, President of “ Bakili” club which  is competing in the  Azerbaijan championship,  verbally attacked the employees of Futbol+ newspaper’s editorial office. Newspaper editor-in-chief Jasur Mammadov told website and website.

According to Jasur Mammadov, Abilov arrived at the editorial office together with Babek Mahmudov and used inappropriate language against them.
J.Mammadov said that the reason for Abilov’s anger is that his opinion was published in the newspaper originally. “While Misir Abilov was talking with our correspondent, he said that Fogts, a German football player, spent more than one million dollars for nothing. This expression was published in our newspaper. “Bakili” Club President said that he said these words  off the record . This sentence should not have been published in the newspaper. Abilov made a fuss in the editorial –office. He used inappropriate language against us and we were obliged to call the police. When the police came to the  editorial-office Abilov and Mahmudov had already left..