July 22nd, 2011
On July 22nd, on the occasion of National Press Day, a group of journalists visited and the graves the founder of the Azerbaijani press Hasan-bey Zardabi, the creator of modern free press Najaf Najafov, the editor of the magazine "Monitor" Elmar Huseynov who was murdered six years ago, and Salatin Askerova, Ali Mustafayev, Chingiz Mustafayev, Kazymaga Kazymov,  who died  performing their  professional duties in Nagorno-Karabakh.

During the commemoration, IRFS Director Emin Huseynov said that  media freedom in Azerbaijan is being strangled, and journalists face violence. “The government took control of media.  Independent and pro-opposition journalists face pressures.  Murderers of the Monitor magazine editor-in-chief Elmar Huseynov, murdered on March 2nd, 2005 have not yet been brought from Georgia. “ Investigative agencies that  described the arrest of murderers living in Georgia as a problem, easily detained and brought to Azerbaijan the murderers that committed murders in Azer-Ross company,” he said.
The participants also noted the important enlightenment role of the prominent representatives of the Azerbaijani intellectuals, such as Hasan bey Zardabi and Najaf Najaf.  "Hasan bey Zardabi was the herald of conscience of Azerbaijani people, but Najaf Najaf was a symbol of justice of modern Azerbaijani journalism," said the Director of Turan news agency Mehman Aliyev.