Today, more than 200 people went to pay their respects at Elmar Huseynov’s place of death. Huseynov, former editor in chief of “Monitor” magazine, was shot dead in front of his apartment on March, 2, 2005. Diplomatic representatives from, amongst others, the US and German embassies, human rights defenders, journalists, and of the opposition were present at the memorial.

Those in attendance condemned the government for its lack of commitment to the investigation.
“The Government was involved in this murder, and so of course it doesn’t want to see the crime solved. However, we will continue to fight for the investigation of Elmar’s murder,” said Ali Karimli, the leader of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party.
Leyla Yunus, director of the Peace and Democracy Institute, said that the clues to the journalist’s murder are the articles he wrote and published before he was killed. “Anyone interested in the motives for Elmar’s murder should read “Monitor” magazine’s last article about the president’s wife Mehriban Aliyeva,”.
The leader of the Musavat Party, Isa Gambar, said that the murder of the journalist was an unsuccessful attempt to silence by the government.
Emin Huseynov of the Institute for Reporter’s Freedom and Safety  proposed holding protests, in addition to a candlelit vigil outside his former apartment.
The Azerbaijani government has claimed that the murder was committed by Teymuraz Aliyev and Tahir Khubanov, Azerbaijani citizens who have since emigrated to Georgia. Apparently, the Georgian government has refused to extradite them, citing a lack of evidence.

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