March 16th, 2010
Last week the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe held a special event regarding Human Rights.

According to Radio Liberty, the meeting was dedicated to the execution of decisions adopted by the European Court of Human Rights; a decision that was issued regarding 25 court cases including the case of Mukhalifat Newspaper Editor-in-chief Rovshan Kabirli and Department Editor Yashar Agazade against Azerbaijan.
The Committee of Ministers recommended that the Azerbaijani government conform relevant items of its legislation to the precedent rights of the European Court, and take advantage of relevant practice of the Council of Europe when considering the proportionality of sanctions.
In the Yasamal District Court, the president’s uncle, Academic Jalal Aliyev filed a special format lawsuit against the article “Grain mafia in Azerbaijan” published in Mukhalifat newspaper in 2003. The court issued a decision to sentence Mukhalifat Newspaper Editor-in-chief Rovshan Mahmudov and department editor Yashar Agazade to 5 months in May of 2003. But the journalists were released under the amnesty act issued by Milli Majlis on 8 May in 2003. (is this date correct?)
R.Mahmudov and Y.Agazade claimed that local courts violated their freedom of speech and appealed to the European Court regarding this case.
Rovshan Mahmudov and Yashar Agazade were convicted under the article of defamation and sentenced to 2.5 years in 2007.
The lawsuit stemmed from article “A.M.A.Y. is trade emblem of Aliyevs.” The Plaintiff was Academic Jalal Aliyev.
Y.Agazade and R.Mahmudov were pardoned by the decree of President on 28 December, 2007. The journalists` appeals regarding this case have been accepted for consideration in the European Court.