April 15th, 2009
It is impossible to watch local TV channels in the villages of Gazakh region on the border with Armenia.

Local people are able to watch local channels via satellite TV only and several Armenian TV channels are broadcast in those areas. This was reported in today’s edition of “Gundalik Baki” Newspaper.
The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety contacted the Communication and Information Technologies Ministry’s Radio TV Broadcasting and Satellite Communication Production Union in connection with this information. The union’s technical director Mikayil Abbasov told IRFS that there is no problem related to this issue. He said that AZTV and Public TV are broadcast regularly in the Gazakh region. Private TV channels place their transmitters in big cities only and therefore it is possible to watch these channels in the regions only via satellite, added Abbasov. And Armenian local TV channels are not aired via local TV frequencies but only via other frequencies on the border. It is normal for the TV channels of other countries to overlap our frequencies within 300 meters, emphasized Abbasov.
State Radio Frequencies Department conducts coordination with neighbor countries once a month and we contact those countries if any misunderstandings occur, said Abbasov adding that it was impossible to create relations with Armenia because the two countries are at war and measures can be taken within our own territory only.