March 31st, 2011
The investigation into the criminal case launched against Azerbaijan Popular Front Party youth member Jabbar Savalanli for drug possession was concluded today, reported Savalanli’s lawyer Anar Gasimov. 

Gasimov said that he had protested against such a speedy conclusion of the investigation, and deemed it a legal violation. He met yesterday with his client, who did not have any complaints about his health or about the prison conditions.
The youth activist’s family has not been able to meet with him for several days. Savalanli’s mother Taravat Aliyeva told Objective TV that she waited for hours to meet with her son today, but was not allowed to.
“I turned to Yukselis namine reporter Elchin Hasanov for help. When he contacted the relevant bodies to try to find about when a meeting will be allowed, he was rudely denied any information,” said Aliyeva.
Hasanov confirmed that the investigator had insulted him and used inappropriate language.
Azerbaijan Popular Front Party member Jabbar Savalanli was arrested on February 5, 2011. He is being charged with drug possession, but it is widely thought that his arrest was politically motivated, linked to criticism of the government he posted on social networking sites.