Court denies Khadija Ismayilova’s lawsuit against ‘Ses’ newspaper

On October 24 the Sabail District Court, presided over by judge Rauf Ahmedov, denied the lawsuit filed by RFE/RL Azerbaijani service correspondent Khadija Ismayilova against the Ses ('Voice') newspaper, journalists lawyer Fariz Namazli reports to the IRFS. Ismayilova has sued the newspapers for disgracing her honor, dignity and business reputation, and demanded compensation for psychological damage.

Namazli intends to appeal against the decision.
Ismayilova had appealed to the court citing humiliation of her honor and damage to her business image in two articles titled "This is how Khadija values free speech" and "How much does Khadija cost?" published by the 'Ses' newspaper. The journalist demanded that the newspaper provide refutation and pay her 2,000AZN in compensation.

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