On May 12, Khural newspaper editor-in-chief Avaz Zeynalli has received a warning from Narimanov District Court Executors Department.

Zeynalli he told IRFS today that he has been asked to pay 10 000 AZN, pursuant to the ruling on a lawsuit filed by Presidential Administration Head Ramiz Mehdiyev. However, Zeynalli is unable to pay. “At present, my home is being investigated. They want to confiscate all my possessions. Yesterday, court executors from Narimanov District Court visited the apartment where I am living, which is actually under the name of my father-in-law.
“Khural is not refusing to pay, we just asking to pay in installments. As you know, in the first week of February, we started our “500 good readers” campaign, which raised.  600 AZN. We paid our debt to Nushabe Alasgarli with these funds.
We can pay part of our 660 AZN debt to Agabey Asgarov, Director of Azerbaijan Publishing House of Affairs Office of the President of Azerbaijan Republic, but not the whole amount,” said Zeynalli.
Presidential Administration Head Ramiz Mehdiyev sued Khural newspaper for an article called “Ramiz Mehdiyev’s plan against Bakhtiyar Vahabzade!!! Why did the Presidential Administration head punish people and the Executive Administration head of Sheki?”, published in Khural newspaper on 23 May 2010. Mehdiyev demanded that a refutation be published and 10,000 AZN in fines be paid in a transfer to the account of “Umid Yeri” Children’s House in the Bina settlement. The lawsuit was fulfilled on 2 July. On 1 September, the Appeals Court upheld the decision.
In addition, Azerbaijani singer Nushaba Alasgarli filed a lawsuit against Khural newspaper citing humiliation of her personal dignity in an article published in Khural on 4 March, 2007. Under the previous court decision, the newspaper was fined 100 AZN. However, the newspaper failed to pay the fine because of financial problems. Later on, Narimanov District Court fined the newspaper 3,000 AZN for not paying the fine in time.
The Executive Director of the Presidential Works Department Agabey Asgerov filed a libel lawsuit against “Khural” Editor-in-chief and correspondent Kamal Huseyn in August 2007, for insult to his personal honor and dignity.  The case was based on three articles printed in July and August of 2007: “Publishing House Rakes it in”, “Azerbaijan’s Publishing House: where press goes to die”, and “Not ‘Azerbaijan Publishing House’ but ‘Azerbaijan factory’”. The articles reported legal violations committed by the director of “Azerbaijan” Publishing House. The plaintiff demanded an apology and a retraction by the newspaper, as well as a 250,000 AZN fine for the defendants. He also demanded that the two men be brought to criminal responsibility under Articles 147 and 148 (libel and insult) of the Criminal Code.

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