Court Rejects Motions by Emin Milli’s Brother-In-Law Summary: Hearing 7 (February 15, 2016)

Court Rejects Motions by Emin Milli’s Brother-In-Law 

Summary: Hearing 7 (February 15, 2016)


Ø  The court denied Adil Ismayilov’s motion to interrogate investigator Shovgi Ahmadov and the chief operating officer for important cases Elshan Jahangirov as witnesses in court;

Ø  The lawyer’s second motion to submit a copy of the logbook from Baku City Main Police Office was similarly rejected;

Ø  Adil Ismayilov filed a third motion to hear the testimony of Aybeniz Huseynova, the expert who had issued the drug test opinion for Nazim Agabayov. This motion was granted.

Baku Grave Crimes Court, under judge Afgan Hajiyev, held a hearing on the criminal case of Nazim Agabayov, the brother-in-law of Meydan TV Director Emin Milli. Agabayov faces charges of drug trafficking.

The presiding judge announced that the court had received a response from the forensic examination center, following the January 29, 2016 query submitted by Adil Ismayilov.. The lawyer had that the court be provided with copies of the documentation regarding Nazim Agabayov’s transfer to and from the narcological dispensary for a drug test. He was accompanied by police officer Vugar Najafov, as well as the toxicology report (on the composition of drugs) that needed to be attached to the expert opinion.

In its response, the forensic examination center noted that the toxicology report had not been recorded on paper and its electronic version had not been stored in the computer. The presiding judge said, however, that a copy of the documentation for Agabayov’s transfer had been submitted to the court.  


Lawyer’s motions: 


Adil Ismayilov filed a motion requesting the court to hear the testimony of Aybeniz Huseynov, the expert who had issued Agabayov’s drug test results. , “According to the expert opinion, the forensic drug test began at 16.00 and ended at 19.20, but the bill of indictment indicates otherwise. Aybeniz Huseynov should be interrogated to clear up these inconsistencies,” stated the lawyer. The court granted the motion.

The lawyer went on to file another motion, requesting that a copy of the logbook from Baku City Main Police Office be submitted to the court. There is a logbook in every police office, where they register details about persons brought to the police office. Adil Ismayilov requests a copy of this logbook to find out when Nazim Agabayov’s state-appointed lawyer arrived (at the police office). This motion was denied.  

The lawyer’s next motion requested the interrogation  of investigator Shovgi Ahmadov and the Chief Operating Officer for Serious Cases, Elshan Jahangirov, as witnesses; the motion was denied.  

The next hearing was set for February 19, 10:00 am.  

Background: Nazim Agabayov was arrested on July 27, 2015, and stands charged with drug trafficking.

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