September 15th, 2009
Today, 15 September, in the Baku Appellate  Court, under the chairmanship of Judge Gail Mammadov, a preliminary hearing was conducted on the appeal of both parties against the decision of the Nizami District Court adopted on the special lawsuit of Internal Army Commander, General Lieutenant Zakir Hasanov, Internal Army Deputy Commander Fakhraddin Samadov, Internal Army Staff Department Head, Colonel Nasir Huseynov and Internal Army Financial Manager Namig Poladov against “Nota” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Substitute Sardar Alibeyli.

The plaintiff’s lawyer Alirza Abilov, “Nota” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Substitute Sardar Alibeyli on behalf of the defendant and his lawyer, Media Rights Institute employee Elchin Sadigov participated in the hearing.
The judge scheduled the hearing for 29 September, at 4:00 p.m. to consider the case.
The plaintiff filed an appeal to increase the punishment and the defendant filed an appeal to annual the decision and to be justified.
Due to articles in question that were published in “Nota” newspaper about the Internal Army the plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against the editor-in-chief substitute of the newspaper Sardar Alibeyli in the special format under article 147.2 (libel in accusing someone of grave or especially grave crime) of the Criminal Code, and the court issued a verdict to sentence the defendant to 7 months conditional imprisonment and to pay 4% of his monthly salary to the government.