December 6th, 2008
The Committee to Protect Journalists released a report yesterday indicating that online journalists are the reporters with the high risk of being imprisoned.

According to CPJ, 45% of all jailed media workers are bloggers.
In the report it is written, "CPJ's survey found 125 journalists in all behind bars on December 1, a decrease of two from the 2007 tally. China continued to be world's worst jailer of journalists, a dishonor it has held for 10 consecutive years. Cuba, Burma, Eritrea, and Uzbekistan round out the top five jailers from among the 29 nations that imprison journalists. Each of the top five nations has persistently placed among the world's worst in detaining journalists."   
"Online journalism has changed the media landscape and the way we communicate with each other," said CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon. "But the power and influence of this new generation of online journalists has captured the attention of repressive governments around the world, and they have accelerated their counterattack."
The full report can be read on CPJ's website at http://www.cpj.org/imprisoned/cpjs-2008-census-online-journalists-now-jailed-mor.php.