Criminal proceedings against Mehman Huseynov is trumped-up

“The fact that Sabail District Court imposed a restraining order on IRFS and Turan Information Agency correspondent Mehman Huseynov does not mean that his case has been annulled.

Sabail District Police Office replaced his previous charge under article 221.1 with a new charge under article 221.2.2 and Mehman Huseynov was recognized as the accused. The new charge stipulates a punishment for the term from 1 to 3 years in prison” said the IRFS chairman Emin Huseynov at the press conference held in the IRFS today.
According to Huseynov, Mehman has appealed to Sabail District Police Office asking to open a criminal case against the police officer, who assaulted and insulted Mehman in May 21st protest. “We shall appeal to the court on behalf of Mehman Huseynov and videographer Mirrahim Hasanov, and demand compensation for the damage to our equipments”
Emin Huseynov said that he does not justify Mehman’s insulting the police officer, and called on the young journalists not to respond to police provocations and be alert. In May 21st Public Chamber opposition protest the police used aggressive pressure on protesters and journalists, and insulted them. But none of those police officers was brought to justice for it.
Mehman Huseynov spoke about the conditions in the detention facility of Sabail District Police Office. He says that they are too below European standards. Rude treatment, lack of normal food, poor hygiene and airlessness make it impossible to stay in cells, especially in summer. “On the first day, they gave a roll and water, the next day I was given a sandwich and cola. Then representatives from the ombudsman’s office visited me. Only then did I understood the real reason why they gave me food, if they did not come they would not give me that food” said the photo-reporter. “After being released I learnt that my friends and relatives had sent me three packages of food, but I did not get anything”
IRFS chairman Emin Huseynov noted that the criminal proceedings against Mehman is trumped-up, as there is no evidence to prove his guilt. “His detention was a political order” added Huseynov.
Mehman Huseynov was detained when he was summoned to Sabail District Police Office for questioning in the evening of June 12th. On June 13th he was released and the court imposed restraining order on him.        .
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