August 13th, 2011
On August 11th, Baku Administrative-Economic Court # 2 held a court hearing on the lawsuit filed by human rights defender Emin Huseynov against the Azerbaijan State Customs Committee, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Finance.

Huseynov claims that the state authority acted illegally, and that they inflicted material and psychological damage. Judge Rana Huseynova presided over the hearing.
During the court hearing, plaintiff Huseynov reported that employees of the Customs Committee had confiscated his property and expressed discriminatory views against him. Additionally, they estimated the price of the old video cameras as the same as new ones, and so set unnecessarily high customs duties.
 Huseynov’s lawyer Gunay Ismayilova said that, the Customs Committee has violated customs law by preventing him from bringing $1000 worth of personal property into the country.
According to Azerbaijani law, property which is not allowed into the country can be taken to a foreign country by the same individual; however, as the Customs Committee refused to provide Huseynov with the proper documentation for his goods, he has been prevented from accessing this right.
The judge set the date for the next hearing for October 5th.
On his way back from a business trip in Dubai, human rights defender Emin Huseynov was detained at the customs checkpoint at Baku International Airport for 3 hours without any food or drink on February 1, 2011 and his 2 mobile phones, 2 TV sets, and several car lights, as well as two old cameras, were confiscated.