In Jakarta, Indonesia this week, democracy activists, practitioners, and scholars from over 25 countries from around the world are gathering to promote democracy promotion strategies in the World Movement 6th Assembly.

The theme of the assembly this year is “Solidarity across cultures: Working Together for Democracy.” Representing Azerbaijan at the assembly included Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety Chariman Emin Huseynov, Institute for Peace and Democracy Director, Leyla Yunis, IREX representative Shahin Abassov, and, Hikmet Hajizade, who is the father of imprisoned youth blogger Adnan Hajizade. At the close of the conference, the following statement was adopted by the participants of the conference today, 14 April.
Statement at the World Movement for Democracy meeting  
14th of April – Jakarta, Indonesia
We, the young people present at the 6th assembly of the World Movement for Democracy,
Coming from more than 25 countries from every continent to Jakarta, Indonesia, from the 11th to the 14th of April;
Sharing the values and objectives of the World Movement for Democracy as expressed in its Founding Statement;
Committed to furthering the World Youth Movement for Democracy, as established at the Third Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy in South Africa in 2004;
Expressing our continuing support to the texts and declarations produced by young people attending previous meetings of the World Youth Movement for Democracy;
Noting that young people are often at the forefront of democracy promotion and democratic change in countries around the world;
Concerned by the continuous repression of young people and students engaged in democracy work, for example by means of expulsion from universities and schools, intimidation, violence or even imprisonment;
Disappointed by the absence of the Cuban essay contest winner, Celiano Cristian Toranzo Fundichely, who was intentionally delayed from preparing for departure by the Cuban authorities for political reasons.
Speaking out against authoritarian rule all around the world;
Expressing our solidarity with young people imprisoned due to their beliefs and activism, for example:       
– young activists Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizade from Azerbaijan;      
– Cuban youth leaders Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta, José Daniel Ferrer Garcia and Randi  Cabrera Mayor;      
– Egyptian young blogger and writer Mosad Abu Fagr;      
– Sadeq Jawad Ahmed Al-Fardan and his colleagues in Bahrain;      
– and many others in countries like Iran, China, Zimbabwe, Burma, etc. .
Calling for the immediate release of these persons and others, and subsequent respect of their human rights in their own countries;
Committing ourselves to engaging other young people, civil society and governments in pushing authoritarian governments to release young political prisoners.

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