Deputy Dean Brings Private Prosecution against Student in Court

Deputy Dean of the Theology Faculty of Baku State University (BSU), Docent Nigar Ismayilzade has filed a private prosecution against the fourth year student Zaka Miragayev. The deputy dean appealed to Yasamal District Court with a request to bring the student to justice in accordance with Article 147.2 (libel, involving accusation of a serious or particularly serious crime) of the Criminal Code.

In her appeal to the court, Ismayilzade stated that Miragayev had slandered her, accused her of a serious crime, and insulted her.

The lawsuit stems from the articles about Nigar Ismayilzade published on several websites in February and March (What Is Going On In BSU’s Theology Faculty? We Have a Complaint and BSU Student Protests against Bribery in University). The private prosecution filer considers the views expressed in those articles to be libellous and offensive..

The article reads as follows: “Today, due to Deputy Dean, Docent Nigar Ismayilzade, bribery is unfortunately ‘flourishing’ in the theology faculty which has never before become a talking point for bribery cases in its 24-year history. Aside from grading students based on bribes, Deputy Dean of Theology Faculty, Nigar Ismayilzade discriminates against students and uses starkly different manners of speaking when communicating with poor and rich students. The deputy dean, who sets unofficial exam ‘fees’ in our faculty, squeezes everyone dry by wresting a total of AZN 1,500 for five semester exams, AZN 300 for each, and an additional AZN 1,200 for the graduation exam.”

Ismayilzade believes that the article titled ‘BSU Student Protests against Bribery in University’ includes a grave accusation against her by calling her a ‘briber’ and seeks to undermine her personal and business reputation.

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