Doctors of the International Committee of the Red Cross examined Salekh Rustamov

Doctors from the Baku office of the International Committee of the Red Cross examined today political prisoner Saleh Rustamov currently held at the medical facility. Lawyer Bahruz Bayramov informed Turan about it.

“According to the doctors of the ICRC, the long hunger strike caused serious consequences and Saleh Rustamov needs long-term treatment in normal conditions. However, there are consequences that are already incurable,” said Bayramov.

According to the lawyer, Rustamov is very weak and could not leave the room. “We talked on the phone, he is receiving some treatment,” the lawyer said.

*Saleh Rustamov has been on a hunger strike since Nov. 6 demanding an end to unjustified criminal prosecution and release from prison. He ended the action on the 41st day after persistent requests from his family and political associates.

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