General prosecutor’s office, MIA and SSS published joint statement on Terter (a region of Azerbaijan Republic) case

General prosecutor’s office, ministry of internal affairs and State Security Service published joint statement. The statement is as follows:

‘With regards to illegal actions of some military personnel of the defence ministry military units located in Terter, Agdam and Beylagan regions of Azerbaijan Republic, committed in May – June 2017 and consisting of interrogation of the persons, allegedly suspected of committing illegal actions as well as use of physical and psychological violence, tortures, inhumane and humiliating treatment, causing death and other heavy consequences, there has been initiated a case by the military prosecution  of Azerbaijan under respective articles of the criminal code. The preliminary investigation of five criminal cases in respect of the 19 accused persons was completed and submitted for consideration to court, whereby those persons were sentenced to various penalties.

Taking into account the numerous appeals of the victims, their legal successors and other persons, with regards to the course and results of preliminary investigation, according to the respective order of the general prosecutor of Azerbaijan there was set up a working group, furthermore General prosecutor’s office ordered and studied the specified criminal cases. For the purposes of conducting complete, comprehensive and objective investigation of the circumstances of committing each illegal action, identification of the guilty persons and prosecution of those for restoration and protection of the violated rights of the people that suffered from the crimes. On Thursday December 16 2021, in general prosecutor’s office there was issued a resolution to resume criminal proceedings on the specified cases.

Preliminary investigation of the case is under special control of the general prosecutor of Azerbaijan. The investigation groups involve experienced and professional employees of the prosecution, MIA and SSS. The procedural control of investigation is in responsibility of the first deputy general prosecutor.

At present on the basis of investigative operative plans there are being  conducted complex measures  and the public will be additionally informed of the course of investigation.

At the same time the agencies warn media representatives, social media users and the participants of the criminal proceedings that distribution of the preliminary investigation details without respective permit is unacceptable and it incurs the responsibility in accordance with the criminal legislation, as well as influences the course of investigation and forms intentionally false opinion in the society, undermines the authority of Azerbaijan army. In respect of the persons distributing intentionally distorted information with the purpose of concealing the activities of state authorities there shall be taken measures in accordance with the legislation.”

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