October 29th, 2010
Today, on 29 October, a press conference was held on about the establishment of the Donor Activity and Public Funds Monitoring Coalition. The event took place in the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety press center. According to Extreme Journalism Head Idrak Abbasov, the coalition was founded by a group of NGOs and media organizations.

Touching on the reasons for establishment of the coalition, Idrak Abbasov said that there are a lot of donor organizations, NGOs, public organizations in Azerbaijan that have work that is unknown to the public. There is a need to increase the effectiveness of their operation, to make them useful for society.
The coalition will focus on conducting monitoring, holding public debates about the activities of local and international donors.
Doctrine Journalists Military Investigations Center Head and Coalition Coordinator Jasur Sumarinli said that the coalition aims to enhance the operation of civil society in Azerbaijan and to focus NGO attention on solving problems in the country, and in ensuring regional security. According to him, the coalition will make attempts to make a remarkable increase in the effectiveness of NGO projects.
“At the moment, we are laying the foundations for our future work.  We are planning to launch a website and issue news bulletins. Moreover, the Coalition is planning to hold an extensive conference on donor-NGO relations in Azerbaijan,” Coalition Coordinator Jasur Sumarinli said.
Turan Information Agency Director Mehman Aliyev underlined the necessity of monitoring donor activities and public funding as a means of improving the work of civil society.
The coalition includes 13 NGOs, including the Military Journalists Union, Doctrine Journalists Military Investigations Center, the Extreme Journalism Institute.