December 19th, 2007
“Yukselish Namine” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Elchin Mammad appealed to Sumgayit City Court. He claims Sumgayit City Prosecutor be fined 20,000 AZN.

In his interview to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety Elchin Hasanov, “Yukselish Namine” Newspaper correspondent also noted that, Sumgayit City Prosecutor hasn’t introduced the copy of adopted decision to the prosecutor yet.

Recall that, on June 27 Sumgayit City University Director Nadir Gahramanov and Vice-Rector Mammad Ahmadov used physical violence and insults against “Yukselish Namine” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Elchin Mammad and the newspaper correspondent Elchin Hasanov. In connection with this, they appealed to the Sumgayit City Court. After delaying the case for three months, on September in 2007 the prosecutor sent response letter. According to the letter, as the claimed facts are not appointed, the criminal case has been rejected. Though they appealed to the court several times after the rejection, all appeals were not responded. This irresponsibility is the main reason for filing a lawsuit against the Sumgayit City Prosecutor.