October 14th, 2011
On October 13, the Baku Appeals Court heard the appeal by the editor-in-chief of İslamazeri.az website, Ramin Bayramov, against the October 5th ruling of Sabail District Court. Judge Amir Bayramov upheld the original court decision, reported lawyer Ramil Mammadov to Media forum news website.

Editor-in-chief of online newspaper islamazeri.az Ramin Bayramov was arrested on August 11, 2011. He has been charged with illegal possession of drugs (Article 234.1 of Criminal Code) and illegal possession of arms (Article 228.1). On August 13th, Sabail District Court sentenced Bayramov to pre-trial detention, which was then extended for 2 more months. Ramin Bayramov is being held in the prison of the National Security Ministry.