January 18th, 2008
“Baki Zaman” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Nicat Huseynov’s health has seriously deteriorated.

N. Huseynov, also known by his penname Nijat Daglar, told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety. According to the chief editor, he has been unable to work for several weeks because he suffers from headaches, which are a result of the 25 December 2006 attack on him.

Huseynov said that capillaries in his head are damaged and that he frequently has nose bleeds. “As I couldn’t get proper medical treatment during that period of time due to a lack of money, now I am suffering from its severe results. I even need a surgical operation.” He said that at the beginning of the week he has to be checked up. Responding to question about if he has sought assistance, Huseynov said he hasn’t sent an official appeal to any organizations, although the Committee to Protect Journalists has some information about his case. “I hope they’ll help me to receive treatment,” said Huseynov.  

A criminal case was opened on the attack of Huseynov, however the case reason unsolved. Huseynov said that he was trying to get in touch with the law enforcement officers assigned to his case, he can’t find the Nasimi District Police Department inspector, and the inspector doesn’t answer telephone calls from the chief editor.  

Recall that on 25 December 2006 in 9th micro-district Nijat Huseynov was attacked by unknown people, who stabbed him with a knife and beat him over the head with a blunt object.