March 11th, 2011
Today, at the time of protest meetings in Baku, the deputy head of the Education Ministry Baku City Office, Mahammad Bayramov, released a statement on religious followers. reports that the education official again stated that they are taking measures to fully ban the hijab at schools.

In his interview to, Religious Faith and Freedom of Conscience Defence Center Head Haji Ilgar Ibrahimoglu said it is not clear why they released this statement at this time. “Unfortunately, the education officials have sometimes made statements against the hijab. In the end, theologian experts were obliged to issue a separate statement urging the religious followers not to be drawn into this provocation. It now happens again. It is difficult to understand what is going on.”
Ibrahimoglu also added that Azerbaijan's constitution and legislation establishes the right for religious faith and freedom of conscience, as well as the right to education. “It is 4 months that the Education Ministry officials have been trying to restrict the education rights of hijab-wearing students and creating such a dilemma for them: they should either deny hijab or they would be expelled from school,” Ibrahimoglu said.