January 18th, 2011
In a press conference today, a member of the Islamic Party’s Supreme Council, Natig Kerimov, declared that  Azerbaijani society is not being run based on law and that citizens have no rights. He claimed that the authorities persecute their opponents through illegal detention and the planting of evidence (usually weapons). This is exactly what happened to the Chairman of the Islamic party, Movsum Samedov, after his savage criticism of the government on January 2. 

 “They will not succeed in frightening us. We shall continue our struggle. If they get rid of us, then they will simply have to fight the next generation,” he said. He also mentioned that the Islamic Party had been refused access to other press centers for their conference, and gave various excuses.
Regarding the fate of the arrested Islamists, he said that seven party members had been arrested in Baku. Criminal cases have been filed against two of them – Dayanat Samedov (for the possession of arms) and Ilgar Musayev in Ganja (for hooliganism). Ten activists were held for 24 hours in Ganja. No formal charge has been made against the party leader, Movsum Samedov.
The Islamic Party’s Vice-Chairman, Vaghif Abdullayev, was arrested and held for ten days and then for three months. “No one knows where he is now,” Kerimov said.
A Defense Committee for the Rights of the Arrested Islamists was formed at the end of the conference.