January 28th, 2011
The European Court of Human Rights started an investigation into Azadlig editor-in-chief Ganimat Zahid’s appeal against the Court of Appeal’s 22 November 2007 judgment, which sentenced him to 2 months of pre-trial detention under a hooliganism charge, Media Rights Institute representative Khalid Agaliyev told IRFS.

According to Agaliyev, the European Court has already filed an inquiry to the Azerbaijani government with regard to this appeal.
On 22 November, 2007, Ganimat Zahid was detained under a fabricated hooliganism charge. Though the charge did not assume any public threat, he was sentenced to pre-trial detention.
Later Ganimat Zahid was convicted under articles 127.2.3 (hooliganism with intentional infliction of minor bodily harm) and 221 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code and imprisoned for a total of four years. On 17 March, he was pardoned under a pardon decree signed by Azerbaijan Republic President Ilham Aliyev.