January 11th, 2008
Today in Baku Appellate Court, under the chairmanship of Judge Abdinbdinbayov, a hearing on the complaint filed over the decision to imprison for 8.5 years “Realny Azerbayjan” and Gundalik Azerbayjan” newspapers’ founder and Editor-in-chief Eynulla Fatullayev was conducted.

Fatullayev’s lawyer Isakhan Ashurov addressed the court first. He asked the court to inform related institutions about illegal actions committed by the investigator, prosecutor and judge during the initial investigation into this case.  

After that, another lawyer for Fatullayev, Aydin Nazarli, noted in his speech that according to Azerbaijan’s legislation E. Fatullayev should be warned before a search. Nazarli also spoke about illegal interrogations of E. Fatullayev. He noted that, no legal document related to reasons for the interrogations were provided to the defense. Then A. Nazarli also added that Fatullayev was declared “guilty” by TV channels before Fatullayev was proven guilty.  

Fatullayev also addressed the court today. He congratulated his colleagues that were released recently through a presidential pardon. Fatullayev then went on to say, “The Ministry of National Security received a letter from the Presidential Administration. In the letter I was ordered to write an appeal related to my pardon. My lawyer Isakhan Ashurov and I prepared an appeal however I wasn’t pardoned, because my imprisonment is ordered. I’ll never write any appeal after this”. In his speech E. Fatullayev noted that he trusts the Appellate Court. He said that, “US State Department has made a statement related to my innocence. In response to this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic noted in its statement that it is the decision of the first instance court.”  

After that, public prosecutor was given floor. He asked the court for time to prepare his speech. In light of this the judge has scheduled the court hearing to continue on January 15 at 14:00.