March 10th, 2011
Yesterday, Gasimov visited prison #1, where Eynulla Fatullayev was transferred yesterday.

“They reviewed my documents after I applied for a meeting and then said visiting hours had finished. I told them that no working day is over at 4:15 p.m, and requested a meeting with prison director Gahraman Bagirov. Bagirov reiterated what his employees had said and refused to let me see Eynulla. I think this is related to the press conference we held on March 7, on the secret transfer of the journalist out of Baku Investigative Prison, and the abuse of his rights,” said Gasimov.
The head of the Penitentiary Service’s Public Relations Department, Mehman Sadigov. dismissed reports that Fatullayev was subjected to physical violence by unknown persons on the way to prison #1.
Fatullayev was taken out of the Baku Investigative prison at 5 pm, March 2, and taken to an unknown destination. After driving for 2-3 hours, the car was stopped and two athletic men in military uniforms got into the car. When the journalist asked who they were, they forced him to lie down. One of them started to press on Fatullayev’s neck with his foot and told him to shut up. Fatullayev is currently being held in a single cell, as he requested, citing that his life is in real danger.