Today in Baku Appellate Court under the chairmanship of the Judge Abdin Abdinbeyov a court hearing on the compliant filed from the imprisoned “Gundelik Azerbaijan” and “Realniy Azerbaijan” Newspapers Editor-in-Chief Eynulla Fatullayev’s imprisonment.

 Isakhan Ashurov, the lawyer of Eynulla Fatullayev noted that, “22 accusations have been filed aagisnt E.Fatullayev. These accusations violates article 47 of Azerbaijan’s Constitution and 10 article of the European Convention on Human Rights”.

Then E.Fatullayev made a speech himself and noted that, Azerbaijan’s state officials insult the imprisoned journalists: “Ali Hasanov concretely noted that, no one from the imprisoned journalists was arrested for their professional activities. This statement is insult against us. Beside me, my intellectual property has also been imprisoned. Our archive is situated in one of the computers which were confiscated by the law-enforcement employees. There is old information and a lot of photos collected within three years in the computer. I think all our computers should be returned back. But I present all of my computers to them as our nation is generous; however I ask them to return CPU of that computer”.

After that, I.Ashurov asked the judge to give him time for general speech. The judge scheduled the next hearing on January 8 in 2008 at 14:00.

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