June 11th, 2008

Razim Ismail oglu Asgarov, the father of “Kapaz” TV channel founder Rufat Asgarov called the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety today (11 June) and expressed his opinion about the news brief that IRFS disseminated about “Kapaz” yesterday.

Razim Asgarov denied reports that pressure was used by government officials to seize “Kapaz” TV from his son Rufat Asgarov. Rasim Asgarov stated that he sold the company using a termless power of attorney given to him by his son Rufat. Razim Asgarov noted that the purchase took place on 4 June and was registered by a notary. Razim Asgarov would not reveal how much the channel was purchased for or the name of the person to whom he sold it, but said that money was transferred to a personal bank account of his.

Razim Asgarov talked about his son’s call from abroad and comments that the TV channel was unfairly taken from him. “My son hasn’t been in contact with anyone except for four family members since he went abroad. He calls me a couple of times a day. He called me yesterday and today. I asked him about whether he called anyone and complained. He told me that he never called anyone other than his family and didn’t talk about the company being taken from him forcefully. My son called such reports disseminated in his name false.”
Razim Asgarov evaded questions about when or why his son went abroad, whether he was in Baku when the purchase took place, and how he contacted his son, but said decisively that no one has ever pressured Rufat Asgarov or his family, and no one can ever do so.

Recall that yesterday the new head of “Kapaz” TV Fuad Jabbarov said that reports about pressure being used to buy "Kapaz" TV channel are absurd. He emphasized that he purchased the channel from Rufat Asgarov on a voluntary purchase contract. He then went on to tell an employee of IRFS, "Don't exaggerate this matter; any one who inflates this case will be sorry."