Feminists reported on physical and moral pressures by police

Feminists detained on the eve of a protest rally in front of the Khazar district police building reported on physical pressures on them at the police department.

One of the detainees, Gulnara Mhdiyeva stated that she was beaten and insulted with “dirty words” at the police department.

“An employee named Elmir Ibragimov hit me twice in the stomach with his fist. Then we were taken to different rooms, I was interrogated and when the police did not like my answers, I was beaten on the head.

When they started searching my bag, I protested and an employee named Parviz slapped me in the face. They insulted me with very dirty words, and then they grabbed me by the hair and dragged me out of the room,” Mehdiyeva said in an interview with local media.

Her words were also confirmed by another activist, Narmin Shakhmarzade. According to her, after physical pressures and insults, they ordered the girls to wash off the paint from the doors of the police department which had they poured over. However, soon the chief received a call from above to release the detainees, and the police turned into” lambs”, the activist said.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs denied the Turan news agency a report on the detention and violence against the participants of the rally. It should be reminded that the action was held in protest against the inaction of law enforcement officers against citizen Sevinj Magerramova. The woman complained about her husband to the police as far back as in March. However, the police and the court forced her to “reconcile” and return to her family. On August 3, she was killed by her husband.

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