Fikrat Faramazoglu’s Trial Continues

Today, Baku Grave Crimes Court, chaired by Judge Eldar Mikayilov, held another hearing for website editor-in- chief Fikrat Faramazoglu. At the beginning of the proceeding, the court announced the results of the expert examination. According to the findings, the signature on the search protocol belongs to Faramazoglu. After that, lawyer Javad Javadov lodged a motion. “I ask the court to summon Karim Alimardanov, who was in charge of the operation, given that none of the operatives involved in the operation could answer the questions. Their only answer was ‘the operation team leader knows that’. Therefore, his interrogation in court is important,” the lawyer said. The court denied this motion.

The lawyer filed a second motion. “According to victim Mehman Hasanov, he paid AZN 3,000 to my client in March and April. However, in those months, Faramazoglu was in Nakhchivan, Lankaran and Guba, together with his family. There are photos to prove this. I am presenting those photos to you and ask you to send an inquiry to AZAL Company regarding Faramazoglu’s trips on those dates,” Javadov noted. The court did not grant this motion, either.

Addressing the judges, Faramazoglu said ‘Why have you delayed the decision so long? Have you not received an order yet?’ Upon this remark, the judge warned the journalist and said ‘You should have respect for yourself. You are a highly-educated person.’

“And, you are a judge. You are the person who administers the state’s justice. You are an elder and highly educated person. Why then do you not respect yourself? You are sitting here and fulfilling orders. Is it not a shame? I refuse to be tried,” Faramazoglu said. Following these words, a number of bailiffs entered the courtroom. The trial will continue on 2 June 2017.

Background: Fikrat Faramazoglu was detained on 30 June 2016. He is charged under various provisions of Article 182 (extortion) of the Criminal Code.

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