Journalist to Remain in Jail

Shirvan Court of Appeal has upheld the Jalilabad Regional Court decision issued against the website founder and editor, Afgan Sadigov. Speaking at the proceeding, lawyer Elchin Sadigov assessed the case as fabricated. “The medical certificates on the victim are fictitious. Her medical history shows that she entered the hospital at 3.30 pm. However, the actions of the Executive Power show that the victim was taken to the hospital in an ambulance at 10.30 am. This fact goes to show that the case is false. Please overrule the judgment of the first instance,” the lawyer said.

Next, Afgan Sadigov made his final speech. “My only crime is the fact that I am a journalist. I wrote in my articles that ordinary folks could not afford to buy chicken, while government officials’ children ate bear meat. People in the village burn manure to warm themselves, while the government provides free gas to churches. They wanted to deter me from my stance but in vain. After [serving out] my jail term, I will return to my work, even if that leads me to the court again. This is my choice,” Sadigov noted.

After a deliberation, the court announced that the judgment was upheld, to which Afgan Sadigov reacted by saying ‘I did not expect anything different from New Azerbaijan Party’s justice’.

Background: Afgan Sadigov was detained in Jalilabad region on 22 November 2016. A criminal case was initiated against him under Article 127.2.3 of the Criminal Code, and he was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in jail. Sadigov himself rejects the charges and associates his arrest with his journalistic activity.

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