December 24th, 2007
Today in the Yasamal District Court under the chairmanship of the Judge Tahir Ismayilov a court hearing on Az TV’s pensioners’ lawsuit against Social Defense Fund might be conducted.

Ayyub Karimov, the plaintiff’s lawyer told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety that, “As Yasamal Court sent an information request to the Constitutional Court, during last court hearing I sent a petition. It is not obvious whether the petition is accepted or not. That is why the court hearing will not be conducted”.

Recall that, till August 2006 the TV channel staffs were stopped to get pensions. So, the court hearing stems from that problem. Television employees’ another reason for filing a lawsuit was State Social Defense Fund’s irresponsibility regarding this problem. So, the Fund didn’t reveal whether the pension will be given or not. On December 19 during the court hearing, Ayyub Karimov the lawyer filed a petition related to sending an information request to the Constitutional Court by Yasamal District Court due to clarifying whether television employees’ pension is legal or not.