Former Banker Jahangir Hajiyev Asks Court for Time for His Final Speech


On 05 October 2016, Baku Grave Crimes Court chaired by Judge Afgan Hajiyev held another hearing on the criminal case of the former chairman of the Board of Azerbaijan International Bank OJSC Jahangir Hajiyev and 7 other men.

At today’s hearing, Inter Security LLC General Director Ibrahim Huseynov’s lawyer Azer Tagiyev made his case and called the charges brought against his client unfounded. “Ibrahim Huseynov was not officially affiliated with the International Bank. It is alleged that my client was a member of the criminal gang organised by Jahangir Hajiyev. These accusations are groundless,” the lawyer said.

The lawyer asked for his client’s acquittal in view of his services to the state as a former employee of the Ministry of National Security and the fact that he had an underage child.

Next, defendants Kanan Orujov, Anar Sultanov, Mammad Jahangirov, Yusif Alakbarov and Ilgar Abdullayev made their final speeches. The defendants pleaded not guilty and said that they did not agree with the charges. They said that they had fulfilled the decisions of the loan section and the instructions of the management, and were unaware of what the issued loans were spent for. The defendants asked the court to acquit them.

The other defendants, Jahangir Hajiyev and Ibrahim Huseynov asked the court to give them one week to prepare their final speeches.

The next hearing on the case was scheduled for October 10, 10.30am.

Background: Former Chairman of the Board of Azerbaijan International Bank OJSC Jahangir Hajiyev was arrested on 5 December 2015. He is charged under Articles 179.3.1 and 179.3.2 (misappropriation of a large amount of money by an organised group), 308.2 (abuse of official powers resulting in serious consequences), 309.2 (exceeding officials powers resulting in serious consequences), 313 (service forgery), and 228.1 and 228.4 (illegal acquisition, transfer, selling, storage, transportation or carrying of a weapon, its accessories, ammunition or explosives) of the Criminal Code.

The defendants are accused of misappropriating 211 million AZN.

According to the indictment, defendant Azad Javadov is additionally charged under Article 228.4 (possession of cold weapon) of the Criminal Code due to possessing the dagger that was gifted to him.

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