May 2nd, 2009
Yesterday, 1 May, "Freedom House" revealed the results of inquiry the organization conducted among 195 countries in connection with the situation of media. According to the results, regarding the situation of media, Azerbaijan holds 168th place among 195.

Azerbaijan has been included in “not free” countries list where "Freedom House" characterized the situation of freedom of speech as “free”, “partially free”, and “not free” countries.
"Freedom House" Director on Investigations Christopher Walker said that he assesses the release of journalists positively. However, media’s work is restricted in Azerbaijan, he added.
“We speak about Azerbaijan as a country where pressure against media is widespread. The broadcasts of foreign radios have been ceased in this country,” said Walker. “If we take a look at media in Azerbaijan, the release of journalists is a small positive case in the general situation of pressure against media.”
According to the results of the inquiry, out of 195 countries 64 are assessed as “not free”, 59 “partially free”, and 72 “free” countries. Finland leads the list and Northern Korea stands at the end.