Fund of State Support to Mass Media ceases funding Azadliq newspaper’s project


Fund of State Support for Development of Mass Media has stopped funding the project implemented by Azadliq newspaper, first deputy editor of the paper Rahim Hajiyev told IRFS today, on November 28.

“They sent us a letter on behalf of the executive director of the fund, trying to substantiate their action. In the letter, they referred to clause 5.2 of the agreement which states that the financial assistance cannot be used to meet financial obligations of the recipient to other legal entities and individuals, as well as to pay off the financial sanctions (fines) imposed in accordance with the law. For the reason that since October 24, 2013 bank accounts of Azadliq newspaper have been suspended (arrested) in connection with execution of the Yasamal district court’s decision ordering payment of defamation fine to Kabira Mammadova, the financial assistance has been ceased,” said Rahim Hajiyev.

However Hajiyev believes the truth is that it is part of a larger campaign of repression against Azadliq newspaper.

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