Gasid company employees protest against removal of their news stands

July 17th, 2012
Employees of the “Gasid” Press Distribution Company who worked at the recently removed news stands, attempted to hold a protest in front of the Presidential Administration on July 17th.

The protesters say they were demanded to empty their sales booths without providing a reason. 20 booths have already been removed, and a week was given to take away other 270 booths.

Vugar Aliyev, head of the Administration sector, met with five of the protesters to clarify the situation. He promised to inform Ali Hasanov, head of the socio-political department, about these developments.

Yeni Musavat correspondent Roya Rafiyeva was subject to pressure while photographing the police during the protest. She had forcefully been taken into a police car and was released only after being kept there for 20 minutes.