May 4th, 2011
The government intends to shuts down Skype. According to “Azadlig” newspaper, Information and Communication Technology Minister Ali Abbasov said that Skype is dangerous for Azerbaijan’s electronic security.

The minister said that there are a number of problems with Azerbaijan’s electronic security, and the government has been taking serious measures to remove them.
“Skype is one of the most widely used programs in Azerbaijan and the majority of internet users use this program for voice and visual communication. The Ministry is concerned that Skype has become an alternative tool for international calls, bacause one can talk to a person from any place of the world,“ reported “Azadlig” newspaper.
Experts say that the government’s position on this issue is not new. That is, the government is wary of Skype because it enables visual communication.”Because it is impossible for the third person or body to follow the program, the government cannot control the system. Probably, because Azerbaijan cannot control the system, it considers “Skype” a dangerous program”, reported an expert for “Azadlig” newspaper, on condition of anonymity.
The same development has been observed in Arab countries and neighbouring Iran.
According to “Human Rights Watch ” report, internet conversations are monitored by the government in Azerbaijan, but, they cannot do it for “Skype”.