June 2nd, 2008

The daily newspaper “Gun Sahar” newspaper has stopped publishing due to financial problems.

Editor-in-chief of the newspaper Gabil Abbasoglu told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety.

“Skyrocketing prices in the country paralyzed the work of the newspaper. The price of paper has increased 150 AZN since January. Starting 1 June Azerbaijan Publishing House raised the communal expenses 25 percent. Print expenses are expected to rise,” said Gabil Abbasoglu. He added that this is not a step to permanently stop the newspaper’s publication. Financial resources will be investigated once again and the newspaper will restore its activity.

“Gun Sahar” has been published since January of 2005 as a daily socio-political newspaper. The newspaper also faced financial problems in 2006 and as a result “Gun sahar” operated as a weekly for over a year.

IRFS notes that the series of special reports entitled “Islam ve Muasir jamiyyat” (“Islam and Modern Society”) being implemented by “Internews-Azerbaijan”, and “Yeni Nesil,” and funded by the U.S. State Department and “Internews Network” organization, were being published in “Gun Sahar” Newspaper. According to G. Abbasoglu, if “Gun-sahar” newspaper doesn’t restore its publication by the time the next issue of “Islam ve Muasir Jamiyyat” (“Islam and Modern Society”) is ready, then the reports will be published in a different publication. “Islam ve Muasir Jamiyyat” (“Islam and Modern Society”) is published twice a month.