Gundelik Baku newspaper employee Habil Valiyev reports that he was physically assaulted by an employee of “Farhad” restaurant’s administration, allegedly a relative of police general-lieutenant and Deputy Interior Minister Asgar Alakbarov. 

The restaurant is alleged to be named after Farhad Alakbarov, brother of Asgar Alakbarov.
“On September 17th, I received phone calls from various unknown numbers, between about 12 pm to 5-6 pm. Our newspaper published articles on the former police commander of the Gazakh region OMON , lifetime prisoner Elchin Amiraslanov and his sister Shahla Amiraslanova. I believe this is what prompted Shahla’s husband Bunyamin to telephone me and threatened me. Following this, I went to a wedding party at “Farhad” restaurant, at approximately 9pm.  I noticed that I was being followed by a black Jeep. I phoned the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ 102 police service and I told them that I was being followed. I arrived in restaurant after evading the car. There was a brief conflict between the chief administrator there, Araz, and me. Then, a number of people entered the wedding hall and tried to forcibly remove me. I resisted them strongly and they had to wait for me outside.  I was physically assaulted by a number of people as I left the restaurant. They started to beat me.  If I were not as athletic as I am, I could hardly have survived,” said Habil Valiyev.
Valiyev said that police employees took him to police department # 13. “I was told that I should write an appeal. Asgar Alakbarov`s brother Farhad Alakbarov intended to prevent me from writing it.”
 “He threatened and insulted police employees and me.  After I submitted my document to the police department, I was sent for forensic examinationat the Sabunchu District Examination Department where I was told that I could obtain the results of the examination later on, as the department head was not in his office at that moment.”
The journalist added that he has appealed to the President and to law-enforcement agencies regarding the incident.

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